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facebook. com/ LittleWarsBand This band


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Heard you once dated the guy who plays bass for Little Wars. How was that?

I don’t know what that is.

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He wants to apologize for the way things ended. Things moved too fast which kinda scared him. He barely knew you and just wanted things to slow down, but accidentally put it all to a screeching halt. You end up on his mind every once in awhile, but biased towards the reasons he left.

Sounds like he should forget the past and move on or try to make up for it by starting all over.





omg why have i not seen this before. 

IT’S ABOUT EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE. Buy the pads/tampons/cups/liners and you get ALL YOU CAN EAT.

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am i the only one who sweats while sitting on their bed and playing a song they really love